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Buying uniquemothersgiftsunique Mother’s Day gifts for your mom can seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but Frankenmuth Brewery is here to push you to go farther. Sure, she’s your mom. She’s going to love you whether you present her with a Rolls-Royce or a handful of weeds that you thought were flowers, right? Perhaps, but why not reciprocate the ultimate love she has always shown for you.

You could get away with scrimping on your Mother’s Day gift, but the fact is you shouldn’t. You owe her your life (literally). So, let Frankenmuth Brewery help you secure some unique Mother’s Day gifts that will steal the heart of the world’s most beautiful woman (Hint: We don’t mean Beyoncé).

In celebration of all the fantastic mothers out there, Frankenmuth Brewery will celebrate on May 13 by offering a free entree to any mother who comes to the brewery with their family to eat. Let your mom indulge herself in the homemade delicacies that she usually has to make for you when you are hungry and leave the cooking duties to our Frankenmuth kitchen staff.

Whether she selects the tantalizing Baby Back Ribs, indescribably amazing meatloaf sandwich, Bavarian Bratwurst or even the Not Your Mama’s Pot Roast Sandwich, this motherly meal is on the house. While each of our entrees will make perfect gifts, don’t let us all do the giving. Here is where we recommend you do a little something for that special lady.

With the money you’ve saved on not having to buy your mom dinner, take the extra cash and let her experience the best that Frankenmuth Brewery has to offer – our craft beer and wine. No matter if she prefers Riesling or Red Sky Ale, brewmaster Jeff Coon has perfected a vast number of different beers and wines that run the gamut from light to heavy and will perfectly compliment the meal that your mother selects. Yet, if there is no easy decision, consider offering to purchase the sampler tray and she will be able to decide, once and for all, which Frankenmuth product is her favorite. Then on the way out, surprise her with a growler full of her new favorite Frankenmuth brewhouse specialty.

However you decide to treat your mom for the upcoming holiday, please remember that mothers are a special breed. They are the underrated MVPs of every family team and deserve to be treated to the most unique Mother’s Day gifts possible. We hope that you will let us give her the gift of food and drink on May 13.

(Pizza is not included in Frankenmuth offer. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. Valid only with a brew crew card membership. Mother’s entree only and only one free entree per table.)

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Spring has sprung and love is in the air at your favorite brewery in Michigan. Frankenmuth Brewery recently welcomed some love birds to our facilities. Local beer enthusiasts Kara and Jim are newly engaged, will soon be wed and have decided to throw a beer-themed wedding. Though we’ve never heard of a beer-themed wedding, Frankenmuth Brewery isn’t afraid to shy away from anything beer related. We welcomed the couple with open arms when they told us they wanted to shoot their engagement photos inside our brewery, and we are pleased to present the results here today. 



We are pumped for Jim and Kara’s upcoming nuptials and hope that, even though they probably already have a venue picked out, they might consider letting Frankenmuth Brewery conduct the first wedding ceremony in a brewery in Michigan. It might be a long shot, but we would be glad to offer the newlyweds a brew or two on the house after they say “I Do.”  Thanks to Kara, Jim and their wonderful photographer Patrick Hadley for the priceless photos.

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The michiganbreweriesway that you taste a beer, like that of Frankenmuth Brewery or any other Michigan breweries, can have a significant impact on the opinion that you form about the brew after drinking it. While we at Frankenmuth are by no means beer snobs, you might be surprised by how much a proper taste test can make you feel about a beer. Read on to learn an easy-to-use technique that may have you proclaiming your love for another Frankenmuth Beer that you’re not used too.

1. Consider The Order Of Tasting / Flavor Neutralizers

The order in which you taste beers can all but destroy your opinion of latter beers. Gain a little knowledge about the beers you will be tasting and save bitter and more hoppy tasting brews for later on in the testing process. These beers in particular can have a lingering effect that will clash with the overall flavor notes of other brews. In addition, have some water handy, as well as pretzels, which make for perfect flavor neutralizers.

2. How To Pour The Beer

While the task of pouring a beer seems simple, the art of the perfect pour should be considered before each taste hits your lips. Let the beer glide down the side of the glass. This ensures a large head (i.e. white foam) won’t be deep and envelop the beer. Brew enthusiasts insist on the level of the head being the depth of two fingers put together.

3. Smell The Smells

Similarly to taste-testing wine, beers often have a varying sense of aroma and Frankenmuth beers are no different. The smell of a beer is like a window inside the heart of the brew as it will often give hints towards which ingredients lay inside. For example, the scent of a Frankenmuth Hefeweizen points towards the use of clove while the Batch 69 IPA indicates a specific style of hop used in the brewing process.

4. Judging A Book By Its Cover

Knowledgeable beer experts can pick out a beer style based on it’s appearance. There are several different indicators as to how a beer will taste by its look. Dark beers like the Red Sky Ale tend to skew on the side of a more robust and heavy mouthfeel whereas golden lagers like the American Blonde Ale will be light and refreshing. While it is easy to judge a book by its cover, you might find out that the payoff is in finally drinking the beer.

5. Drink It… Finally

While picking out a style of beer by its appearance is fine and all, trying all different types of beer is essential to finding your own beer happy place. So now, take a sip of beer. What are you initial impressions? What stands out? Take notes if you feel so inclined because that first sip can maybe one of the most honest moments you have with that beer.

6. Second Thoughts

Consider the texture of the beer while it is in your mouth while assessing the fluidity of the brew and its make up. Is the beer thick and coffee-like or thin and fluid? What’s your personal preference? Take notes on what you like and what you don’t like.

Some of the most interesting flavor notes of a beer can be unveiled after swallowing the beer. When dealing with a bad beer often there is nothing but a odd, bitter taste left behind. Good beers will provide a backend that will make all the difference in the world if you want to keep drinking it in taste testing.

Now that you know the basics of tasting beers from Michigan breweries, feel free to visit Frankenmuth Brewery, order a sampler tray and we will be happy to help you with your first taste testing. Whether offering up knowledge behind the beers or suggesting other beers you might like, our staff is ready and waiting to talk beer with you.

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Ever michiganbreweries gone to your local beer store and wondered why some of your favorite Michigan breweries, like Frankenmuth Brewery, aren’t represented very well? Why so many big box beers and so little Mitten State love? This has to do with a complex three-tiered distribution system that renders breweries unable to sell their beer anywhere except at their brew facility. Confused? Let us shed some light on the brew subject.

In the time after prohibition, the State of Michigan set up strict laws that stated Michigan breweries were unable to sell their products to any bar, restaurant or store. Instead, breweries would have to sell their product to a wholesale distribution company, who in turn would take the beer and provide it to their clients. “The large beer manufacturers are 95% of the market and they are master puppeteers of their distribution channels,” explains Frankenmuth President Haithem K. Sarafa. Thus, distribution companies have controlled where Michigan brew products are bought and sold for nearly 80 years.

These rules didn’t always put breweries at a disadvantage, as Michigan distribution companies have also done good work to spread Michigan beer love. Through distributor’s leverage, larger breweries have been able to get their product into new places and introduce new beer lines with little-to-no trouble. These elements have been key in the growth of the Michigan microbrewery scene, but as the community has progressed it has hindered mid-to-small level breweries from pushing their products to store shelves. ”Although there are some distributors that work well with craft beer manufacturers, it is somewhat difficult to plan your business when you have no control over distribution and pricing, especially of a perishable product,” Sarafa states.

As previously mentioned on the Frankenmuth blogosphere, Governor Rick Snyder created a committee earlier this year that is looking at administrative rules like the ones that are holding back breweries from selling their own beer outside of their establishment. With a little time and work, some of these rules that have been around since the time of Prohibition could be off the books soon. This progressive look forward is a step in the right direction for Michigan breweries across this great state.

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The weekend is upon us and the Frankenmuth Brewery staff is ready to kick back, drink some quality craft beers and listen to a soundtrack made up of the top beer songs ever. We know you are ready for it as well. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite beer songs and put them in a playlist that will specifically fit into your Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule. Enjoy your days off, have some fun in the sun and rock out with tunes and brews from Frankenmuth Brewery. After all, you’ve earned it this week.

John Lee Hooker – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”
Made famous by George Thorogood, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” was originally done by blues legend and one-time Detroiter, John Lee Hooker. This foot-stomper is the perfect way to get your Friday started off the right way, especially when you’ve been craving a Frankenmuth Hefeweizen all week. You “want a drink” and you “want it now!”

Tom T. Hall – “I Like Beer”
After you’ve had a few Frankenmuth Pilseners and have unwound from the work week, it’s always fun to get involved in an all-out beer-fueled singalong. Let the great Tom T. Hall lead with his classic beer drinking song, “I Like Beer” and its simple chorus that extolls the virtues of the sudsy stuff. His wife might give him grief about drinking beer in the song, and maybe you can relate, but we all know that enjoying a great brew is one of the best parts of life.

The Replacements – Beer For Breakfast
Paul Westerberg is to beer as Shakespeare is to love. With songs like “Treatment Bound” and “Here Comes a Regular,” the Minnesota-born songwriter has the vernacular down pat when it comes to writing tunes about drinking brews. When Saturday morning hits, “Beer For Breakfast” is the song to play and maybe consider pairing your Cookie Crisps with a Frankenmuth Dunkel.

ZZ Top – “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers”
Saturday night means raisin’ a little bit of hell with some beers in hand, and the bearded bad boys of Texas are here to kickstart the night for you. ZZ Top, the quintessential seventies rock band, are what the weekend is all about. Whether catching a live band covering this song or sitting in your backyard with the boombox, it’s high time for brews, buds and some classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Morning Coming Down
The weekend is winding down and maybe, just maybe, you had a few too many top beer songs and Frankenmuth brews last night. Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson know the feeling. Their song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” captures the feeling of being a tad bit hungover and is the perfect mood-setter for a calm Sunday. Yet, in the end, Johnny still wants another brew as he sings the infamous line, “The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert.”

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michiganbeerWhile the automotive industry has been the focus of the Michigan economic plan since the industrial revolution, the production of Michigan beer is quickly becoming a new resource for commerce in the Mitten State. After all, brewing has been a part of our state’s makeup since Frankenmuth Brewery first opened its doors in 1862. In the decades since, the brewing community has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most profitable entities this side of the Big Three.

The near downfall of these auto giants came as shock to many in Michigan’s workforce. Although they have been bailed out and are on the road back to success, many citizens have realized that their car-related jobs may not always be there for them. The Michigan beer community stands to offer a lifeline to the state’s job force. Michigan, currently ranked number five out of all fifty states in beer production, is being touted as one of the fastest growing microbrewery communities in the United States. Encompassing the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs, this new reputation has helped the state earn the
nickname “The Great Beer State.”

While being named “The Great Beer State” is an accomplishment in itself, the numbers related to career opportunities and monetary income are nothing less than outstanding. According to current in-state figures, Michigan’s brew community pays out 24 million dollars to its employees and pulls in over 133 million dollars in business. With upwards of 90 breweries now in operation in early 2012, the sky is the limit when it comes to the potential success of the Michigan microbrewery.

Frankenuth Brewery is proud to be a part of the tradition of Michigan beer history and, at the same time, is looking forward to the future of the industry. Take a tour of the brewery with the video below, see some of the faces you support every time you drink a Frankenmuth beer and enjoy a glimpse of what goes into making a Michigan beer.

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With the last of the snow seemingly out of the way (don’t remind us of Mother Nature’s gaff earlier last week), the weather has broke and its time for some cold delights like an ice cream beer float recipe. That means beating the oncoming heat Frankenmuth Brewery style with a classic take on the float with a craft beer twist. By using Frankenmuth’s Munich Style Dunkel Lager, some ice cream and a few other simple staples, you will have a few yummy beer dishes that will rock your tastebuds little world.

While the directions for this recipe aren’t very complicated, the focus is that each individual ingredient will compliment the already great flavor of the Frankenmuth Dunkel Lager. The Dunkel, named after the German word for “dark,” is the most hearty of all of Frankenmuth’s beer. It’s smooth malty flavor shines through the distinct toasted bread flavor that has led Franknemuth Head Brewer Jeff Coon to dub this drink “a meal in a glass.” At the brewery, the Dunkel is often matched up with deep-fried Oreos, which is a little foreshadowing of what is to come.

Ingredients Needed for 2 Frankenmuth Ice Cream Beer Floats:
1 Bottle of Frankenmuth’s Munich Style Dunkel Lager
1 Pint of Chocolate Ice Cream
4 Oreos
1 canister of Whipped Cream
2 Cherries for Garnish
2 ice cream/beer dishes

Simply take two ice cream serving glasses and scoop two or three servings of chocolate ice cream into each glass. Place Oreos into a plastic bag, crush them into small pieces with a rolling pin, meat tenderizer or similar item and then add some of the tiny Oreo pieces to each dish. Split the bottle of Frankenmuth Dunkel Lager between the two glasses, or if you’re thirsty for more then feel free to use two beers and drink the rest when you’re done eating the finished float. Spray whipped cream in a fancy design on top of your creation and place a cherry at the peak of the lager ice cream float. Then, enjoy.

Perfect for watching the Red Wings go long into their summer playoff run, this Frankenmuth ice cream float beer dishes are a bit of winter delight that will make the rising temperatures not so bad. Enjoy this new take on a classic with a little bit of Frankenmuth beer magic mixed in for good nature.

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It’s Friday and, as usual, we’ve found ourselves relaxing with a few Frankenmuth beers and checking out some amazing new beer inventions via one of our favorite Internet pastimes, YouTube.  From a new take on draft beer to robots that takes care of your every beer need, check out these exciting new ways of getting beer and get caught up in some of the, albeit zany, fun.

Whether you’re at the ballpark or a summer music fest, prepare to feast your eyes on the Bottoms Up. Developed by GrinOn Industries, the Bottoms Up uses a magnet system to allow beer to flow from the bottom of the cup as opposed to the traditional beer tap pour. While promises of cutting down on the foam in your beer and reducing waste are appealing, the system sure can’t beat the ol’ Frankenmuth taps. Yet, that doesn’t mean it sure isn’t fun to see 56 beers poured in one minute.

The Beer Cap Catcher, another hot beer invention, can easily be applied to any bottle of Frankenmuth brew. Simple in its design, the Beer Cap Catcher is capable of opening twist off or non twist caps and then capturing the bottle caps in its handy holder. If you’ve ever had roommates that are slobs, then you know that this is a real gift. Check it out.

File under both amazing and creepy, Honda has created a robot that will pour a beer for you. Why exactly did a car company take the time to create a beer serving robot? No one knows. Yet, if you can stand having this startling white droid in your house, then prepare to have your mind blown and your beer served cold anytime you want it. This may be the single greatest/scariest beer invention of all time.

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You80sFestFrankenmuth won’t need a DeLorean to revisit the glory days of the 1980s, since downtown Frankenmuth is getting draped in denim and neon for the Bringin’ Back the ’80s Fest. As a new annual tradition for those who loved poofy hair and John Hughes films, Frankenmuth Brewery will be getting in on the ’80s action on April 20 and 21 by providing the hot after party spot for all the Bon Jovi and Madonna look-alikes walking the streets.

After guiding your way through the festival’s many events, which include retro video game tents, a “Thriller” dance-a-along, ’80s themed cover bands and more, hustle over to Frankenmuth Brewery for what will most certainly be one hell of an after party. With an appearance by DJ Fuzzy from Cutting Edge DJs, the Frankenmuth party will carry on deep into the night with specials from our delicious menu that includes tasty Portabello Fries, Buffalo Chicken Rolls, the incredible Cowboy Burger and the amazing Four Cheese Pizza. And…
let’s not forget the beers!

When it comes to ’80s beers, there is none more famous than Easy Brown Ale. Well… in the 1780s that is. While it was modeled off Southern English brews of the 18th century, the brown ale has been a popular brew throughout the subsequent centuries with its light and nutty flavor. Frankenmuth Brewery’s take on the brown ale focuses on a sweet delivery, nostril-perking hazelnut scent and offers a smooth finish making it great session beer that will keep you “Dancing on the Ceiling”, “All Night Long”.

Welcome a spring forward with a trip backward to the ’80s festival Frankenmuth Brewery style, and enjoy the floor shaking after party at the home of Michigan craft beer. Whether you were the jock, the nerd, or the princess, all are welcome to enjoy a Frankenmuth brew house favorite.

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Thebeeriphoneapps idea of an iPhone beer app is nothing new, but one that tracks your brew consumption and considers your beer ratings from Frankenmuth Brewery? What?! Welcome to the wild and crazy world of the latest and greatest app … BrewGene. Offering up a search function that locates the closest craft brewer to your house, stores that sell certain beers and suggestions for beers to taste based on your preferences, BrewGene can do just about everything except for a Frankenmuth Pilsener straight out of your cell phone and into your glass.

Developed in the summer of 2008 by a crew of hop heads from Boston, the BrewGene hit iPhones in 2011 and has been recently launched onto the Android platform. With over 600,000 beers from all over the United States in their database, the app has become an important way for beer drinkers to log their favorite beers, search for similar beers and state their opinion about beers they might not be so fond of. How does BrewGene work? The process
is extremely simple if you follow this easy step-by-step

1. Download the BrewGene App from your smart phone’s app store.

2. After opening the app and filling out a simple profile screen, you will be taken to the BrewGene home page. Select the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen to search for a brewery.

3. Type “Frankenmuth Brewery” into the search bar and watch as Frankenmuth beers appear in the menu below. Select the beer your about to drink. Try the Hefeweizen Ale for starters.

4. Once you have selected the Hefewezien, try your premium craft beer and tap a star rating one to five and consider adding a note about its taste. Not only will the app tell you some details about the beer, but it will also show you other beer drinkers ratings.

5. After rating several beers you will find that your reviews
are all stored in your “Beer Cellar”. Found on your homepage,
select the button iphonebeerapp3labeled “Cellar” with stairs as the logo to find all your ratings and some suggested beers you might like. For more information on your drinking habits, select the “Profile” selection on the home page and you will be able to track how many beers you have rated, your favorite style of brew and your average rating.

By tracking your Frankenmuth Brewery beer consumption on Brew Gene, you will skip a few steps on your way to becoming a more knowledgeable beer connoisseur. Drink often, check-in at the brewery, rate some beers and help show the rest of the beer world just how great Frankenmuth Brewery beer really is.

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